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11 Nov 2019

Research shows that vitamin A, B6, C and E as well as selenium, zinc and magnesium increase progesterone production. Just one cup of kohlrabi used in this recipe provides you with 93% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C; 12% of B6 and 6% of magnesium. Then th...

27 Oct 2019

Tampon, pad and double knickers. Sound familiar? Heavy periods are disruptive. I’ve had clients report that they can’t leave their home on the first day of their flow lest they want to risk being seen with a bleed through. The reality can be grim...

20 Oct 2019

There are between 100 million to one trillion microorganisms per gram of fecal matter we produce. As if those numbers aren’t mind blowing enough, our microbiome has about 3 million genes. That’s approximately 150 times more than the human genome, making us more bacteri...

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